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Important sublimation printing facts

Pay attention to:

Type of shirt

Wel offer two types of t-shirts and tanks that are printed with the dye sublimation technique – cut & sew shirts, and sublimation shirts. For the cut & sew shirts a design is all-over printed on the fabric, and then the fabric is cut and hand-sewn by our in-house expert teams. Sublimation shirts, however, are ready-made shirts that have the designs printed directly on them.


Due to the specifics of the printing process we cannot guarantee accurate placement for graphics on the cut & sew or sublimation t-shirts and tank tops.

Because of the variation in sleeve shapes, we cannot guarantee exact placement on sleeves; for example, we cannot do jersey style striping on the sleeves.

We cannot guarantee placement directly underneath the collar of a shirt; for instance, creating a graphic that has pearls wrapping around the collar is not doable because of the variation in placement.

If you don't use our guide to create print files, we are not liable for bad placement, blurry images, or white areas (if the graphic is not large enough).

No wrap

Graphics that wrap from front to back can't be done. For instance, we wouldn’t be able to accurately print your shirt if you wanted a dragon graphic that wraps around the torso to line up front-to-back.

White streaks

White streaks will appear only on sublimation shirts around the seams, especially around the shoulders, under the armpits, and around the collar of the shirt. Therefore, we advise using a lighter color shade in your sublimation print files to minimize the streak visibility, or order cut & sew shirts that are streak-free.

Sublimation t-shirt examples

Here are some photo examples of what you might expect when you have a solid black graphic printed on a sublimation tee. It's important to note that these issues may vary in severity and are never consistent through all graphics. We will handle complaints about the following on a case by case basis, but please understand that re-shipments will not always be issued for the following.


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